Many recipients of the Webster technique are women past the first trimester of their pregnancy. As the fetus increases in size, the placenta and uterus can place torsional stress upon the sacrum, causing subluxations. This effect can greatly reduce the energy, health, and mobility of the mother while causing pain.

By applying opposing pressure to the lower pelvic region, gentle adjustments can be used to restore optimal sacrum positioning and reduce adverse effects of subluxations. Many mothers report feeling relief and a less unpleasant pregnancy as a result. Dr. Shane and Dr. Brittany love the Webster Technique because it can help you feel more comfortable through the pregnancy, and prepare you for the birthing process.

How Does the Webster Technique Work?

At Awaken Chiropractic, we begin by carefully examining the resting posture of the patient along with any restricted movement through advanced assessment technology.

Any abnormalities in the position of the pelvic region or lower back can commonly be attributed to subluxations in the sacrum, the “tail” end of the spine that includes the coccyx. By restoring proper positioning through gentle adjustments, optimal spinal alignment can be restored to improve mobility as well as neural functioning and potentially reduce pain.

Webster Technique and Breech Position

Dr. Larry Webster, founder of the Webster Technique, originally developed his method in order to treat pregnancies presenting a breech position, where the baby was oriented feet-first towards the birth canal rather than head first as it should have been. His belief was that pelvic and sacral adjustments could help properly realign the fetus out of breech position.

We recommend that any pregnant mothers who wish to receive Webster method adjustments, especially to correct breech position, should do so within a complete care plan that includes regular visits to us in order to monitor both the health of the baby and yourself.

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The Awaken Chiropractic team loves prenatal chiropractic care, and we would love to be your Gainesville prenatal chiropractors.

We are certified in delivering care through the Webster technique in order to improve the health of pregnant mothers and their growing babies. If you are an expectant mother in the Gainesville, FL area, discover how our chiropractic care can help improve your pregnancy.

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