Chiropractic care has come a long way in the last 100 years, and new techniques are occasionally introduced that provide more specific adjustments and more effective chiropractic care. An increase in technology has also caused an increase in chiropractic advancements because we can now know more about the human body than we ever thought possible. The chiropractic technique that Drs. Shane and Brittany Semegon use is called the Pierce Results System.

History of the Pierce Results System

Walter Pierce, the inventor of this results system, was a Navy man who helped with emergency procedures and also assisted with autopsies. During these autopsies, he took an interest in chiropractic care and then later dedicated five decades developing the best possible techniques to providing optimum chiropractic care and quality of life to others. When he began a chiropractic practice, Pierce found a unique system that seemed to guarantee results for those who came to see him. He called this the Results System. As he focused on the greater good of his patients and saw more and more positive and life-changing results, other chiropractors began to take interest in his system. Thus, the Pierce Results System was born.

What Is the Pierce Results System?

The Pierce Results System is a biomechanical system that analyzes the motion of the spine and the stress views of the spinal column to determine the location of spinal function loss. This system (otherwise known as the Pierce-Stillwagon Technique, or PST) was not developed at one time, but rather evolved over time from other procedures, such as the Toggle Recoil Technique (Upper Cervical), Logan Basic, Thompson, and Reaver Systems.

How the Pierce System Can Help You

Dr. Shane and Dr. Brittany, who are trained in this chiropractic technique, have a lot to offer those seeking chiropractic care in our community of Gainesville. Bending and moving so that a we can analyze your range of motion and assess all four curves of the spine will help in identifying trouble spots. This method allows us to make specific, precise adjustments. These neurologically-based, accurate adjustments will reduce inflammation and remove any nerve interference between the brain and spinal cord so that the central nervous system can function at its best. This makes all the difference in how your body functions and feels, as well as promotes optimal health and wellness for a lifetime.

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