Many people considering chiropractic care are concerned about what they should expect to experience when they visit the doctor.

A Fundamental Value

In our office, we strive to care for people the way we would want our family to be cared for. A fundamental value of ours is building long lasting relationships based on trust. One of the ways that we accomplish this is by always going over cost with people before any service is ever rendered.

Complete Your Patient Forms

Before your first appointment begins, you will need to fill out our new patient forms. You can download them from this website, or fill them out in our office. This application helps us to know about your medical and health history before we start.

Touring Our Office

Next, we will put you at ease with our office. To keep things fun and familiar, we’ll give you a complete tour of our facility. During this tour, you’ll learn about chiropractic care and adjustments, we’ll explain the history of the techniques we use and how realigning your spine can help improve your health.

We’ll show you where the adjustment rooms are, the diagnostic imaging areas, and even the restrooms. We encourage you to ask questions during this tour, whether general questions about chiropractic or specific questions about our facility, techniques, and Drs. Shane and Brittany Semegon.


After your tour, you will sit down for a one-on-one consultation with the doctor. We’ll talk about your health goals, review your member application, discuss any concerns you have, and address any current pains or symptoms you might be experiencing.


Following your consult, one of our team members will perform a thorough physical evaluation, checking your muscles, spine, and nervous system. We use the most advanced and current technology available, and will work to get a detailed overview of your nervous system function and your overall health.

Diagnostic Imaging

Though not all patients require this, for most, the next step is imaging. After we’ve done an assessment, we’ll work to get to the root of what’s wrong through diagnostic and digital imaging services. This will allow us to get a more detailed view of your skeletal system and spine to look for imbalances and abnormalities.

Individualized Plan of Chiropractic Care

After your complete assessment, including your consultation, physical exam, and any necessary imaging are complete, you will be scheduled for a follow-up visit. When you return, we will discuss the findings with you, and Drs. Shane and Brittany Semegon will present you with a customized and personalized plan of action for chiropractic care that will approach your specific needs.

A Roadmap to Good Health

At Awaken Chiropractic, we are eager to guide you on the path to better health and wellness. We are extremely passionate about the health and well-being of our entire community, and are grateful you have given us the opportunity to help you along this roadmap to good health. We look forward to being your partner on this journey. For more information, contact Awaken Chiropractic in Gainesville today!

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