The long history of chiropractic care is one of constant improvement, development and technological innovation, as well as revolutionary and groundbreaking techniques and approaches. Among the most well-regarded and frequently cited is the Torque Release Technique.

Also called TRT, Torque Release Technique has been proven to produce measurable results, and Drs. Shane and Brittany Semegon carry years of experience in its proper application. The Awaken Chiropractic staff continually undergo additional education and training in order to apply the most recent best practices and up-to-date scientific methods consistently.

What Is Torque Release Technique?

TRT is the most specific, targeted, and gentlest application of chiropractic adjustment. It’s also one of the most highly respected, as it pinpoints precise neurological imbalance and helps the body work better to heal itself from pain, injury, and illness. As part of our mission to always provide the highest level of care, the team at Awaken Chiropractic constantly undergo new education and training to remain current with the latest philosophies, techniques, and practice of TRT.

How Does TRT Work?

What sets Torque Release Technique apart from other chiropractic techniques is that it is incredibly precise in its target areas and the method in which it makes adjustments. Like other forms of adjustment, it is non-invasive, drug-free, and very scientific.

Drs. Shane and Brittany Semegon use a special instrument called an integrator in the process of applying targeted and specific adjustments to the spine. This will help to re-align the spinal column and re-establish impaired neurological imbalances that regulate brain-body communications. In the end, this allows you to function at a higher level overall. There’s no twisting, popping, or cracking, which eases the mind of patients, and is another reason why it’s the preferred method at Awaken Chiropractic.

How TRT Improves Spinal Health

Through the use of these gentle pressures, impulses are sent into your spine that encourage the vertebrae to move gently back into place. This chiropractic technique allows the freeing of muscles and nerves that have suffered spinal pressure, easing tension, and encouraging your body to again work as it should. When your spine re-adjusts like this, it improves communication from your brain to your body and leads to overall better self-healing and long-term health. The Torque Release Technique thus helps to improve overall body function and your ongoing health and wellness, while helping to bring about relief from illness, injury, pain, and discomfort.

Is This Chiropractic Technique Safe for All Ages?

Yes! The TRT chiropractic technique of readjustment is entirely safe for people of all ages, kids, adults, and seniors alike, and Drs. Shane and Brittany Semegon encourage your entire family to come visit us. Even newborns can benefit from TRT applications, and we love meeting new clients, whether they’re parents, grandparents, teens, kids, or even infants!

When Will I Feel the Effects?

Each individual patient differs greatly in how they respond to any chiropractic adjustments, and TRT is no different. Some will notice the effects immediately as their body returns to full function. For others, it may take a number of adjustments from Drs. Shane and Brittany Semegon before experiencing improved health. TRT encourages your body to get back to its own ideal healing, and how long that takes depends on how significant your individual impairment is.

Because of this overall holistic approach to health and wellness, we encourage our patients to continue their visits until they feel improvement, and beyond. Chiropractic care can be an ongoing part of your regular wellness maintenance.

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